Moon Kats Tea Shoppe: A Great Place for Lunch, Tea, and Dessert

Moon Kats is hands down my favorite place to get a light lunch, enjoy a cup of tea, or forget my worries in one of their decadent desserts.  It’s a place that I visit over and over again and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it.

When you step into Moon Kats, it feels like house, no like a home, than a restaurant. Tables are casually scattered around and there’s a sitting area complete with a fireplace. It’s a comfy place that invites you to sit down and enjoy yourself for awhile.

Then you’ll begin to notice something. There are cats. Everywhere. Moon Kats is inspired by the owners two cats and they take this quite seriously. The cat lovers among us will love this and if you don’t like cats, well just concentrate on the food and tea.

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The people who work here are fabulous. They’re so nice and accommodating and they’re also very knowledgeable about their tea selection and will help you find something that you’ll love.


Their tea menu is HUGE.  There are two pages full of teas including black, Darjeeling, earl grey, oolong, chai, herbal, green, white, mate, and rooibos in just about every flavor and variety you can imagine. I’m not a big tea drinker but I always enjoy teas that I get here. You can order the tea by the cup or by the pot, and it’s served in adorable cups.

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They have a simple lunch menu that includes sandwiches, salads, and soups. This food is delicious. I’ve tried quite a few of the sandwiches and soups and I’ve loved every one.

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It’s the perfect portion for lunch. Enough to fill you up, but not enough so you have to roll yourself through town.

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Now the desserts are truly something special. After you’ve had your lunch, you can go up to the counter and check out all the desserts. They have a wide range of sweets to tempt you including cake, cupcakes, cookies, scones, brownies, and they even have some gluten free items.

One of the more unique desserts they have is an Earl Grey cake served with lemon curd and coddled cream. It goes perfect with a cup of tea.

IMG_0225 (1)

Moon Kats also serves a high tea where you can order tea sandwiches, scones, and tea. They also have a brunch on Sunday. I’ve yet to partake in either of these but you can bet I’ll get there as soon as I can.

Check the Moon Kats website for their current hours and updated menus.

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